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    Maximize your profit by automatically routing to lowest cost routes & assuring no revenue loss.

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ICX USA Exchange is an one of its kind service bureau that sets us apart from all other services and products.

USA routing is based on hundreds of thousands of NPA/NXX codes. Along with intrastate and interstate, USA routing can be extremely complicated and cumbersome. ICX USA Exchange is designed to take this headache out of the equation once and for all.

If so chosen, our Exchange will route your calls to the least expensive route based on each and every NPA/NXX code. Quality can be maintained by specifying minimum performance statistics.


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ICX A-Z Exchange platform is designed with the target to make VOIP business simple and profitable. It streamlines the operation and make every step as easy as possible.

From prospecting, marketing, selling, and buying to troubleshooting, invoicing, data analysis, and collection, ICX is with you every step of the way.

ICX A-Z Exchange platform enables all members to choose from thousands of individual rates offered by hundreds of VOIP operators; from wholesale quality to top notch retail quality, from direct set ups to tier 1 direct CLI routes,


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Managed Decks

Our Managed Rate Deck is designed for members who prefers simplicity to flexibility.

ICX understands the different needs of different carriers. While some carriers prefer to take control of their selections of routes and routing profiles, some carriers enjoy the simplicity of Managed Rate Decks with ICX professional route management. ICX’s professional members in its Network Operation Center are all well trained to assist customers with
routing and quality issues.

To accommodate different carriers’ quality requirements, ICX is offering two Managed Rate Decks to all members. For more quality oriented customers, we offer the CLI rate deck with high completion and crystal clear voice quality. For more cost oriented customers, we offer a balanced product where competitive rates are complemented by above standard quality.

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