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ICX is a group of computer scientists who work diligently to bring carriers together in one single platform and identify good routes with least time.

We are a nimble team, doing mighty things.

We are empowering carriers to focus on finding great routes and leave the rest to our automatic platform.  Our members can finally concentrate purely on selling and let our robotic route finder to do the job.

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Want to know what ICX is all about?

ICX is built to act as one hub for carriers to interconnect more efficiently with the use of automation in routing, route validating, financing, and ticket resolution.




International Carrier Exchange is an automatic platform for VoIP carriers to trade smartly and efficiently.


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Carrier Services

Managed Routing for International and US Domestic under 24 by 7 surveillance

Exchange Services

Instant access to thousands of providers all over the world and routes that are constantly tested by our robotic testers.

Agent Services

Build your own products with working routes at ICX.

Dialer Services

Get unlimited CPS and call capacity to every corner in the world.